It's going on three years that many of you have shared your support, compassion and encouragement as I have diverted my primary focus to be with and help care for my Momma.

She was a remarkable woman, who taught us to be good to others and to take responsibility for ourselves.

Your support and compassion have helped immensely, so I thought it would be nice to share some thoughts and a few recent photos of Mom and me.


My Momma

Margaret Meacham

1920 - 2011

    (1942)                                                                                       (20??)


To my friends

For the past few years, I have devoted much of my energy and passion to be with and care for my Momma during her extended challenges with strokes and recovery.

I especially appreciate your support, prayers and understanding since July 2008 when Momma had her first debilitating stroke. There were several more strokes, but she has been home since May 2009. Although she didn’t recover, she enjoyed periods of improvement and was much happier to be on the ranch, surrounded by people who loved her -- and with her dog Tini (a pit bull). She spent countless hours watching the birds and squirrels and gazing at flowers and the Horse Heaven Hills.

In late January ago, Mom embarked on a mission to to see me in the dresses that she had saved from the 40's and 50's.

They brought back memories of when she "danced the night away" in the turquoise dress.


And her eyes lit up for the black dress and rhinestones that she wore when dancing at a club with Lawrence Welk.

As Mom put it, the dresses looked like "they were made to fit me." And, this one will become one of my favorites as I wait for the right occasion to wear it.

These are just a few of the precious memories that will be cherished forever.

Momma was an amazing lady and maintained a positive attitude, devote faith, strong will, and her sense of humor. Momma's incredible smile brightened the day for all who knew her. She will always be with us, and the lessons she taught us will continue to guide us through life.

Prayers were answered, and Momma has gone home to enjoy the comfort, love and peace that she so richly deserves. She passed away on February 28th.  As Momma wished, she was home with Papa, who provided the most loving and gentle care imaginable. 


I was blessed to be able to spend so much time with Momma and to make her journey a little easier. On my last two visits, she had me singing hymns ... sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. "Yes, Jesus loves us."
We shared many precious moments together.

Momma asked that there be no service, so we invite you to share your memories in prayers.

Thank you all for your thoughts and compassion.



“Life is full of opportunities ---           
Learn from and celebrate them all!”





I am most grateful for the amazing services and compassion provided by Hospice. We were blessed to have the best nurse and representatives that anyone could ask for. I encourage each of you to learn about Hospice before you or any of your loved ones may be in a position to utilize their services.


In honor of my Momma, I plan to do a challenge and fund raiser to raise awareness of Hospice and to provide comfort to others.  I hope that you will join me.


With love,





personal posting by Teresa Hennig . March 2011