6.22.22  and  6.22.12   

Two remarkable dates…
         They are my Papa’s
90th birthday and his birth date!

On Friday, June 22, I had the distinct honor and pleasure of joining Papa at a family reunion and birthday dinner.  As people shared their stories, I learned many things about my Papa (Sam Meacham) and US history. Papa lived through the dustbowl, the great depression, WW II, and so many other events that most of us can only learn about through stories. He is the last survivor of his vessel, and perhaps his fleet from WW II. He proudly served to protect and preserve our country and our freedom – and has asked for nothing in return. Papa continues to serve to this day. As a member of the Backcountry Horsemen, Papa (and others) volunteer days -- and even weeks at a time -- to clear and maintain the mountain trails so that everyone can enjoy the natural wonders of our lands.

At 90 years old, Papa is still managing the farm where I grew up – and where Papa met and married Mom. He is still running the backhoe to put in new irrigation mainline, getting up at 5 AM to change sprinklers while it is cool enough to work outdoors -- and then staying inside when temperatures top 100.

Papa, and people like him, devoted their lives and energy to make this country strong, independent and safe. They are good stewards of the land, treat others with fairness and respect, and would truly give the shirts off their back to help a friend in need.

It is worth taking a moment to reflect upon our national history and the people who have given so much to provide us with the opportunities that we have today.

We can all learn some valuable lessons  … 
          Maybe, if we take a page from their books, we will make our lives and our world a better place.

 Paying forward … giving back … Call it what you like.  There are countless ways that we help others. 

I am honored to serve as the President of the SAG and the PNWADG, to be a Microsoft Access MVP, author, and community leader. I hope that my efforts and energies are helping each of you leverage your time and resources to help others –  on both a professional and a personal level.

 Humbly, with a smile and a warm heart,







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