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We offer state of the art database development focused on the client's special needs. We are able to create effective databases that produce significant results because WE LISTEN and ask questions before we start. The design and development process is always iterative and usually includes significant client interaction. Gaining a clear understanding of the final objective allows us to recommend alternatives and options to enhance the database and/or save our client’s time and money. Our strong business backgrounds lead to databases that make practical business sense. We understand bottom-line concerns of any type of organization. We take great pride in providing a solid return on our clients’ investment.

Our databases often pay for themselves in a matter of weeks or months. In addition to organizing information in a variety of formats, using a database can save time and money, and lead to increased cash flows. You may have several key expectations for your database. And, as we learn about your operations, we often discover additional reports that can be automated and produced by the new database. We look for ways to reduce redundancies, streamline manual processes and limit opportunities for errors.

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About Us
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We will give a preliminary consultation and create a written proposal before starting work. The proposal will contain descriptions of the purpose and benefits of the database along with cost and schedule estimates. When we have an agreement, we will create specifications for the database, input screens and reports. Then the design work begins. We will provide preliminary copies of forms and reports for your review. Comments and changes can be incorporated during the early stages of development, and in a timely manner throughout the process. With ongoing communications, we aim to avoid disappointments, costly rework and wasted time.

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