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What is a professionally developed database like? Professionally developed databases are made consistent throughout. Once you know where something is in one window, then you automatically know where to find the same thing in any similar window. Similar things operate in similar ways. In many other important ways the database is very easy to use. Very little explanation is required to use the database. Most things seem to be very easy to find or figure out. And the different screens do very powerful things for the user. Information is just a click away.

Professionally developed databases are created so that both the inexperienced beginner and the advanced "power user" feel at home. The beginner will be up and running fast and the power user will appreciate the flexibility and speed.

Professionally developed databases incorporate your business rules (such as vendor payments are made twice a month only) and your way of doing business. This comes from exacting interviews, analyses, and reviews with the customer personnel. They are based on sound data management and sound business management.

Professionally developed databases incorporate the latest computer and software technology. They facilitate the use of databases on the Internet or on an intranet. They can also incorporate saving data in the HTML format and using Access with other programs.


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Is my database appropriate for the internet? One of the perfect uses for a database on the web is a product catalog. In real time (no mail delay) it presents product names, descriptions, prices, and other product information for all your items that you have for sale. Both you and your customers will save a great deal of time using something like this. Look at all the money saved that would formerly have been used to print and mail out product lists and price sheets. And it is cheap, easy, and very fast to make changes.

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