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Could I really benefit from having a database? Here's the facts:

bulletThe average cost of a 4-drawer file cabinet is approximately $200
bulletA typical 4-drawer file cabinet takes up 9 square feet
bulletThe average search time for a document: 18 minutes
bulletAverage time to process a fax: 6 minutes
bulletThe average business document is copied 19 times at a cost of $.05 per page
bulletThe average office spends $20 an hour in labor filing or retrieving a document, $120 in finding a misfiled document and $250 recreating a lost document

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This section describes how databases can save you money, get you organized, improve moral, bring in more business, and all of the above. What would you do without all those little stickies all over the place? Without all those loaded file cabinets? What would you do if all important data needed to run your business were really at your fingertips? What would you do with the time saved not having to look everywhere to find where some bit of paper information had gotten off to? Yes, a database can handle all this.

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