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Small business Computing and Communications Magazine says that there are five important marketing signs to look for. Any one of these five indicate that you will benefit significantly from using a database in your marketing efforts.

bulletYour image is based on who you know. If what you really sell is your contacts, you need a database to have your contacts at the ready
bulletYour customers expect personalized service. Your database will remember what your client prefers
bulletSales leads need a boost. Then automatic follow-up is available from a database
bulletYou are running a web site. Databases manage information
bulletYou are geared for growth. Organize your "way of doing business" into a database and it can be duplicated across the country and world

Good Developers

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Good developers will have (1) good references, (2) a good technical support structure, (3) good samples of their work, (4) good business problem-solving skills, and (5) they be active in their professional community.

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