Climb For Clean Air

I Climbed Mt Rainier for YOU!
July 8 - 9, 2004

This page is for archive purposes.
My 2006 challenge was to ride 220 miles in 2 days and raise
$10,000 for Spinal Cord Society
Please join my quest to help cure cure paralysis.


Fund Raising continued through August.
Thank you ALL for your support :-)


Sponsors are encouraged to share a dedication or testimonial. AND, please challenge friends and co-workers to donate!

Email your posting to Teresa Hennig, and remember to send this page to ALL of your friends! 
The more the merrier!!!


Leverage your donation by challenging your friends and co-workers to match it! Tell us Who you are challenging and WHY!!  Let's have some fun as we raise money for the ALAW!




Recognize someone!
We all have family and friends that suffer(ed) from lung disease, asthma, allergies and other related issues. I am honored to share the following dedications.


Motivate Others!
We all like to contribute to our community and make our world a better place. Regretfully, charity drives often feel impersonal. NOT THIS ONE!!!  I want my sponsors to feel as though they made a difference --- because YOU DO!
So, take this opportunity to share why you are getting involved -- it could excite others to do the same!
Maybe you're a hiker and enjoy clean air.
Maybe you love kids and want to help prevent youth smoking or ...
Maybe you just want to "see someone sweat."


Whatever your motivation for sponsoring this climb,
it is the right reason for YOU!

With your help, my climb raised
over $4,200!!

I am excited about going on this climb and about making more people aware of the American Lung Association of Washington! " - Teresa Hennig


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