Climb For Clean Air

July 8 - 9, 2004
Wave to me on the
Summit of Mt Rainier!

This page is for archive purposes.
My 2006 challenge was to ride 220 miles in 2 days and raise
$10,000 for Spinal Cord Society
Please join my quest to help cure cure paralysis.


Monumental Endeavor

                         I WAS ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!

20 mph head winds, sub zero, an extra two hours of climbing ... but WE DID IT!!


With YOUR support, not only did I accomplish the monumental feat completing the longest endurance climb in the 48, but I also raised over $4,200 for the ALAW.

American Lung Association of Washington raises money to fight lung cancer and asthma, educate youth about smoking, reduce smog and support their myriad other programs. We need clean air so that we can enjoy incredible vistas and breathe freely. !

Kenmore Report Story

WOW!! Talk about community support. Please read the feature story in the April 21st, Kenmore Report.

Thanks to many friends and Access developers, I was able to borrow a lot of my gear. A big thank you goes to the businesses that loaned us gear, donated items and even helped tailor or modify clothing.
All donations are tax deductible. You may send monetary and in-kind donations to:

Meet Your Climber

A friend invited me to join this climb, but I nearly let a recent injury dissuade me. But,Climber Teresa Hennig those who know me, realize that I'm not one to sit quietly on the side lines ...

So,  as I overcome some of the extra challenges associated with having a ruptured disc, I will be sharing some of my personal triumphs with you. After all, isn't that what life is all about ... turning obstacles into challenges and enjoying the opportunities and lessons that they provide? 

I'm sure that, on occasion, we all want to sit back and wait for someone else to carry the load. But then, we might have this niggling feeling that we really aren't doing our part. Well, this  time you can have it both ways!!
I will carry the load... but only if I have YOUR SUPPORT!!! So yes, it will be me carrying 50 pounds up the mountain, but it will be YOU that makes it possible! Your donation (via my link) is what will get me to the top of Mt Rainier.
Please, send me on my way!!!

It's a Team Effort

When I feel particularly challenged along this journey, my brother will continue to be my inspiration. On a daily basis, he demonstrates how much a person can accomplish when they choose to make a difference. Due to an injury, Kirk has been a quadriplegic for 20 years. But he does not give up and is dedicated to helping others and to finding a cure for spinal cord injury! And, with the research of Spinal Cord Society, we believe that he will walk again! With an example like Kirk, I know that I will make it to the summit!  (And, I did!)

I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends, the Access Developers community, several business and my fellow climbers.

Many times along the trail, it was knowing that YOU believed that I could do it that kept me going! My climb journal was one way that I hoped you would feel as though you were there with me ... so that you would know how much your support and encouragement really meant!

Please check back often to share in the challenges of training, the beautiful views from our training hikes and above all, the amazing accomplishment of climbing to the summit of Mt. Rainier!!!
Now *that* will be a breath-taking view ... literally :-) 


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