Climb For Clean Air

I Climbed Mt Rainier for YOU!
July 8 - 9, 2004


Fund Raiser ...
Drawing for Software
Access 2003 VBA Programmers Reference
My book, of course <g>

Please note: Donations are no longer requested
I was on the Summit July 9, 2004!
With your help, I raised over $4,200 for the ALAW!


First ... many thanks to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to Aaron C. and Ruth S!!

Not only was the drawing done by computerized random number, but it was also "double blind".  The names were entered into one spread sheet then put into a database table. The drawing was done using an existing system based on member numbers. The algorithm produced a list of winning member numbers. The associated record number was then used to identify the winner's record number from the table of entries -- which finally yielded the winner's name!!!   OK ... if you followed that, maybe you could have written the code for a random number drawing <g> .

Anyway, I want to thank you ALL again for your wonderful support!

The Rules  (according to Teresa <g>)

1) Open everyone who knows about "my" Access groups, the PNWADG and the Access SIG.
2) Two easy steps to enter:
Make a donation to the ALAW to sponsor Teresa Hennig’s (yep, that would be me <g>) monumental endeavor to climb Mt. Rainier and raise $4,000 for the ALAW!!! 
Email Teresa and request your name be entered into the drawing.  Please note that donations are gladly accepted without requiring an entry into the drawing!
3) There is no limit to the amount of entries per person or per donation. You may request one entry for each $5 donated!
Multiple entries ENCOURAGED!!! For example, if you donate $100, you may request your name to be entered 20 times!!!
4) Entry deadline will be on or about June 11th
 and the drawing will be on or about June 15th.
5) Drawing will be through a computer generated random number system.
Prizes will be awarded in the order of the names drawn, with the top prize going to the first name drawn.
Limit of one prize per person  --  We want to spread the rewards.
Awards are final and winners may decline the prize and/or donate it to the climb.
6) Prizes are being provided by Teresa Hennig. 
YES! I am SERIOUS about raising this money!
My goal is $14,000, my minimum is $4,000!

whew … 
I hope that covered the bases without making anyone cross-eyed <g>.

Top Five Reasons to Donate

5.         You like to hike and think it’s a hoot for a novice to tackle the longest endurance climb in the lower 48!!  (Hey, you knew that I love a challenge!!!).
4.         Opportunity to dedicate a donation to a friend or loved-one with asthma or lung cancer.
3.         Your company matches donations and this is a good cause.
2.         You’ve appreciate the Access groups and Teresa’s energy.
And ….   Drum roll please ….  The number one reason …
1.         You agree with Michael and want to see Teresa sweat!!!
(Just don’t mess with me come July, ‘cuz I’ll be in incredible shape!)

PLEASE Donate Now

Donate online, at an Access meeting or by sending a check to ALAW or to me.
Send me an email and get entered into the drawing.
Donate or loan equipment, auction items, gift certificates.
See if your company matches donations

ALAW  2625  Third Ave, Seattle WA 98121

To learn more about the climb, check out the “Kenmore Reporter” for delivery on April 21st!!!  (heh heh heh)

Whatever your motivation for sponsoring this climb,
it is the right reason for YOU!

Ok ... this was NOT part of the approved course
for our training hike, but ...
it was a FUN side trip up the rock slide :-)

I am excited about going on this climb and about making more people aware of the American Lung Association® of Washington! " - Teresa Hennig


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