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                                 220 miles representing 22 years in a chair! 

 With YOUR support, I will raise $10,000 for SCS.
This fund raising effort is dedicated to my brother, Kirk Hennig. Since becoming a quadriplegic from an injury, Kirk has spent the last 22 years in a wheelchair. That's why I got a bike and rode 220 mile!

Having a C6 injury, Kirk requires over 4 hours of attendant care just to get up in the morning. Even with that kind of start to each day, Kirk is an independent contributor to society. With his care, compassion and intellect, Kirk is a highly effective mentor, tutor, counselor and friend. He is dedicated to helping others overcome adversity and recognize their potential.

To help newly injured face their future with optimism, Kirk became a founding participant of the UW Medical Center Rehab Medicineís mentor program. The UW Alumni Magazine, March 2006 article, Unbroken Spirits, describes a few ways that Kirk is a model and inspiration for many people.

Kirk believes that with Spinal Cord Societyís research he may walk again. Thousands of people, young and old, from football players to soldiers, are paralyzed every year. They do not deserve a life sentence in a wheelchair. We have the technology to find a cure. My ride is raising donations and awareness of Spinal Cord Society research. I will do the legwork, but I need your support to reach the goal. YOUR donation will make a difference.

Spinal Cord Society is dedicated to finding a cure for paralysis. Major breakthroughs are making it possible to generate nerve cells, to train nerve cells for specific purposes and to overcome barriers from scar tissue. The Spinal Cord Society leverages donations to support the most promising research. Staffed only by volunteers, the SCS Northwest chapter holds an annual golf tournament and auction.

In eleven years, our chapter sent ONE MILLION One Hundred and Ten Thousand DOLLARS to research!!

220 miles is more than the STP and likely more than Iíve ridden in my lifetime. But, what is 20 hours on a bike compared to 22 years in a wheelchair? And, who am I to say no? 
With barely 400 miles of training, I completed the two day ride from Seattle To Portland. Experienced riders wouldn't even attempt it with so little training. But, my motivation was strong. Now, we need YOUR help.

It could be your loved one or friend who is suffering from an accident or disease. Please give generously.
100% of your donation will go to research!

Please, help find a cure for paralysis.
Tax deductible donations may be mailed to:
SCSNW  c/o Teresa Hennig  18521 64th PL NE, Kenmore, WA 98028.

Download Donation/Receipt Form.

If you would like more information PLEASE contact me --- or 206-931-0541

Official SCSNW information for corporate matching funds.
Spinal Cord Society                      Phone/Fax:  425-670-2622
P.O. Box 6092                     
Edmonds, WA 98026                    501 C(3) 41-1358594

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