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             Adventures along the way ...

It's fun to share a few photos and stories. I which I could record them for you. <g>  There is something to be said about laughter being the best medicine. Because, if I couldn't laugh about some of the incidents I would surely have been crying.

For starters, you know that I was training on
a mountain bike. That in itself had to help get me into shape. But, who would have thought that tires don't hold their pressure? I never have to air up my car.  Well, apparently bikes are completely different. I was riding on 40 pounds of pressure. Talk about TRACTION!  Boy, workout was an understatement.

Fast forward to last minute preparations.
Thursday evening, I finally picked up a new rode bike and real bike shoes. You know, the ones with hard bottoms so that you can cli
p in and peddle efficiently. The bike shop refused to measure me or to measure me on the bike. But, they said it fit and it was easier to ride than the mountain bike. So, how was I to know that it was dangerously too small for me ;-(

Thankfully, I survived a couple of hairy incidents without serious injury or damage. Heart rates were DEFINITELY elevated.
Thankfully, my friend Mark noticed that the brake cable was too tight for the brakes to function properly. We finally resorted to removing the front reflector. That helped, but didn't cure the problem. Of course, since I had JUST picked up the bike, Mark wasn't about to tell me that ... er ... ahem ... there is supposed to be several inches between the knees and the handlebars. ahhh ... the wrists and knees should have plenty of clearance. He did raise the seat, .... But, then we couldn't raise the handle bars to match (little did I know).  But, hind sight gives a clue that downward slope was forcing too much of my weight onto my hands. No wonder they were numb most of the time!  (GEE >>> how about this .. get a bike that FITS!!  ahhh ... such a trusting sole. I didn't know enough to not accept the bike store's influence -- of course THEY said it was the right bike!)

Saturday, was a glorious day and I reached Centralia by 2:40. After bee-bopping to some fun bands, we took off and got another hour and a half riding. About 130 miles for the day!! WHEEE.   err ... another story ... food poisoning ... hhhhhh mannnnn ... you really can't understand that pain and then to have to ride all day Sunday ... hhhhhhhhhhh ...

Speaking of Sunday. Who said 10 miles of hills! They meant 10 miles UP HILL!!  YIKES!  try doing that in a man's pace line.  holly cow. 23 mph up hill. But it was worth it so that I could draft with the group! 

Portland and the finish line!  You can see more photos from the official photographer, marathonphoto -)   I've included a sample of their shots...
100% of your donation will go to research!
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Edmonds Marina 2003

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The Consultant

My new MVP status warranted a new photo.

Monte Carlo Night

SCS Annual Golf Tournament and Auction

Training Break

One guess - the color of my new bike is???

Yep, blue ;-)

100% of your donation will go to research!

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