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                                  Please join My Adventure!
                    220 miles representing 22 years in a Wheelchair! 

WOW!!!  What an adventure ...  
Seattle to Portland in TWO days  ---
Amazing ... my first foray into biking.

My goal is to raise over $4,400
$10,000 to help cure paralysis. 
              PLEASE DONATE NOW!!! 
The fundraising will continue through June 2007 so that Kirk can present the ceremonial check at  the annual golf tournament on June 18th.   Credit cards accepted during May and June 2007 - Contact Rose-Marie at
425-670-2622  --- PLEASE be sure to indicate that your donation is in honor of Kirk Hennig.

With a mere 400 miles of training rides, I joined the STP and rode from Seattle to Portland!  YIKES!!It really does pay to NOT know better! Apparently, anyone who has ridden a bike would not even attempt to ride the STP with this little training --- NOW they tell me!!
What an adventure. I have enough stories for a stand-up comedy routine <g>

But, the REAL STORY is ... the progress being made to find a cure for paralysis.

As you know this fund raising effort is dedicated to my brother, Kirk Hennig. Since becoming a quadriplegic from an injury, Kirk has spent the last 22 years in a wheelchair (ergo the 220 miles). In spite of extreme limitations and challenges, Kirk is on several board and committees to help with medical research and to mentor patients. He is also an active member and supporter of Spinal Cord Society and has helped countless individuals to recognize opportunities to improve their lives. Bottom line ... Kirk is an inspiration to those who know him.

In July, I rode 220 miles and raised $4,400. But, the fund raising will continue until we reach the new goal of
$10,000. With YOUR HELP, we can raise $10,000 in time for Kirk to present the check to Spinal Cord Society at our 2007 golf tournament, on June 18th.

Medical advancements could set Kirk, and thousands like him, free. But, research takes money and time.      Independence and mobility are priceless .  Please give generously.

Spinal Cord Society is dedicated to finding a cure for paralysis. Major breakthroughs are making it possible to generate nerve cells, to train nerve cells for specific purposes and to overcome barriers from scar tissue. The Spinal Cord Society leverages donations to support the most promising research.
100% of your donation will go to research!

Please, help find a cure for paralysis.  Email Your Donation

Tax deductible donations may be mailed to:
SCSNW c/o Teresa Hennig 
18521 64th PL NE, Kenmore, WA 98028.

Download Donation/Receipt Form.

If you would like more information, please contact me or 206-931-0541

 Many Smiles,

      Spinal Cord Society Info

  Nerve Damage Repaired!

To learn about Spinal Cord Society and our annual golf tournament.

Spinal Cord Society NW Chapter
P.O. Box 6092
Edmonds, WA 98026
Phone/Fax:  425-670-2622
501 C(3) 41-1358594


 Johns Hopkins Medicine

The researchers created what amounts to a cookbook recipe to restore lost nerve function ...
The approach could one day repair damage from such diseases as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), multiple sclerosis or transverse myelitis or from traumatic spinal cord injury. ... The approach may also apply to patients with Parkinson's or Huntington’s disease.

Adventures on my
SCS Ride

           SCS Ride Info
About Kirk and why I'm riding.

Thanks to friends and sponsors, I DID IT!!!
TeresaI don't know what I would have done without Marc making adjustments to my bike and brakes!
Thanks to Mel and Tom for teaching me the rules of the road.
And Tom loaned me an incredible bike --- a Della Santa, custom race bike!! WHEEEE   A bit too squirrelly
for a novice like me, but FAST!!!! WHEEE!
I couldn't have made it without drafting behind Mike ... and a few fast pace lines <g>  Did you hear about 23 mph uphill??
Check out the ride photos taken by Marathon Photo ...

TeresaJune 12, 2006, the SCSNW Golf Tournament and auction had a Monte Carlo Theme. I had a blast as the dining room hostess.

 My brother is an inspiration in more ways than most of us can imagine. Unbroken Spirits, the article in the UW magazine, gives a hint about what Kirk has accomplished and what he does for others.Teresa

Kirk's Bio for SCSNW ...
ABs (able bodied people) can never adequately appreciate the challenges that Kirk and others in wheel chairs must go through just to get their day started.
Peddling a bike for 22 hours is nothing compared to what Kirk has done for 22 years.    PLEASE help ...

       Download Donation Form.


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